After being a part of the local pop/rock scene for a couple of years, our brilliant band The
      Mellowmen took a big step out on the international market with the release of their
      debut album TOMORROW'S SOUND TODAY 2005 that later became licensed worldwide except our
      area in Sweden by US label Rainbow Quartz (with a new sleeve and a slightly altered
      track list). Mellowmen has recently appearaed on stage at CMJ Music Marathon (New York),
      and in UK and Scandinavia.

      The album is a pop explosion colored of The Beatles and The Beach Boys but also of the
      contemporary Swedish indie and rock scene. We also released their debut EP "Get out of
      shape with the Mellowmen" 2004 and the singer and organist Andreas Nyberg is also one
      half of the Kite act Mandorla.


      KCD1090 - Tomorrow's Sound Today (2006)
      KCD1060 - Get out of shape with... EP (2004)

      KCD1070 - Mandorla - Nattfjärils Tal Till Solen
      Andras Nyberg is one half of the other Kite-band Mandorla