The desperate sound of the band KNTRL is fronted and created by
      wunderkind Kim Larsson who presents broken and electric indiepop
      songs on Swedish colored by punk and soul, a furious full band
      experience even if we also have had the chance to experience some
      exclusive acoustic performances locally in mid-Sweden.
      We're proud to release KNTRL's debut album, out late August,
      produced by Kite-member Carl Edlom.

      The songs oozes of 70's punk rock energy like Sex Pistols and Swedish
      Ebba Grön combined with a very contemporary and personal touch of indie,
      soul and pop melodies. We think that the music of KNTRL features as
      powerful songs that despite the Swedish lyrics, this is a discovery to
      be made by listeners far beyond the Scandinavian borders. (Kim's blog - in Swedish)

      KCD 2010 - s/t (2008)


      PRESS PICTURE: [1]
      photo: Johan Eklund