I'm Kingfisher (formerly known as Thomas Denver Jonsson
      Indie/Folk-artist, the first artist we released
      In October we'll release his 4th solo album ARCTIC
      Was 2008 listed by British THE TIMES as one of six acts
      who have taken the Swedish pop scene onwards since ABBA
      Frequently touring artist 400 shows in 20 countries.
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      Pop/Folk/Psych/Jazz-duo consisting of Martin Bärjed
      and Andreas Nyberg (The Mellowmen). An odd and delicate
      meeting, like if Trad, Gras och Stenar adapted The Beatles'
      song structures and lengths.
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      Mandorla - ...based upon an idea by Mandorla by Playground Music

      Indie Pop-band with punk and soul influences fronted by wunderkind
      Kim Larsson. This band with swedish lyrics is our most recently
      added member of the Kite Family.
      Debut album out NOW!!
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      Brilliant Rock group and live act rooted in the 60's pop
      vibe and Swedish indie rock. Recent shows at CMJ Music Marathon
      (New York) and in UK and Scandinavia. Currently recording their second album
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      The Topeka Twins
      Collaboration project between Thomas Denver Jonsson and Bjorn
      Kleinhenz. A duo inspired by gospel and religious
      contry. Released a mini album on vinyl 2003.

      The Higher Elevations
      Indie rock band that released their debut 7" on Kite
      Recordings 2003